Friday, December 02, 2011

In progress

Beneath the Cloak.
I was thinking about the story of Red Riding Hood and it occurred to me how important the wolf is to Red. Without him, she'd just be a none too observant girl who takes care of her Grandma.
And it was an opportunity to paint a wolf, which I have never done before.


Amber said...

Dude. For being a relatively simple post, your insight here is breeding a story in my head...Red riding Hood from the wolf trickster perspective, arguing his case. :) Woah...I'll have to work to grok that.

I love you, and your art, and the fact that your "first" painting of a wolf is so damn good!! You astound me. Don't lose track of how awesome you are!

I love you!

Amber said...

Also, I'm adding this because I want to subscribe to comments and I forgot to click the damn box. So there.