Monday, October 01, 2012

Quote of the Week


Not quite as fancy- schmancy as the last few quotes, I know. 

My sciatica is KILLING me today--it's like cold fire running up my spine and down my left leg. It's definitely a sign that I over-did it this weekend. I suppose in addition to "work hard" there should be an addendum: but don't work so hard you injure yourself.

Today I'll be creating birthday party invites, finishing some paintings, and working on the tutorial for Wednesday. I was going to walk the dog, but I can barely walk myself. 

I hope you are enjoying an injury-free Monday. 

Oh! Also: I joined twitter. I'm @KaraPaints come say hi!

And I'm on Pinterest. There's lots of pretty things to look at.

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Nicki Mann said...

I am enjoying an allergy-filled Monday! Not even the allergy pills I took worked! Boooo, Monday!