Monday, November 12, 2012

Seventeen twenty

Happy Monday!

This week it's all about the trees. Tree crafts (one of which will make an excellent hostess gift next week), tree poetry (other people's not mine--I am a horrendous poet), and tree pictures. Possibly tree-related snacks if I can get the kinks out of this recipe I am working on.

You're right; none of that has to do with seventeen twenty. Seventeen twenty is the amount I was paid for my jury duty time on Friday. Seventeen dollars and twenty cents for driving downtown on a Friday morning, being interviewed and rejected. And thank goodness for rejection! It was a homicide trial, and I just don't know how well I would have held up through the whole thing. I'm pretty sure the reason I was rejected is because my dad is a lawyer and I get my news from NPR. 

That is why there was no Friday photo on Friday. I was inside a courthouse, praying that I would get out in time to get back to Tinley Park in time to teach my Friday night drawing class. (Which I did--hurrah!) 

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