Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cut & Paste

Ok, I know I am tired because my hands inadvertantly typed "cut and pasta" about 4 times. It took genuine effort to get that title out there--and i hope you appreciate that.
Anyway, of the many & varied blogs I read, one is by Kyle Cassidy.
He is a photographer and all-around interesting guy. In that he comes across as normal, but is surrounded by the most facinating people. As a people watcher myself, this is the ideal situation.

Anywho, he was asked by a reader for some advice regarding becoming a photographer. His actual response was too ginormous for cutting & pasting, but I urge you to go & read it here.

And hey! lookit the time. I am off to bed, with a side stop in kitchen.
Sweet Dreams, y'all.

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