Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 5 meet week take-a-break.

I "finished" week 5's project, but it was a bit of a trial towards the end. The grommets that the author is using & the ones that I am using are clearly not the same size. This discovery was made after I drilled the holes & then tried to muscle in the grommets...which wound up breaking the balsa wood. I think I may re-do this project while I take this week to start a collaborative project w/2 friends & create a promotional poster.

I am very exited about this collaboration--3 artists & 6 canvases. I am hoping to get us a show in the local art center (which means typing up a prospectus & putting on my business shoes). I think I should be able to swing it--I have perseverance & persuasion on my side! Plus I spent a year teaching other artists how to get their work in I guess I have preparation on my side too.

No pictures today--I have to get ready to go to the shop.

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