Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Week 3, the sequel!

The kids did get to sleep at a reasonable hour, and the kitchen chores were done, so I set out to continue down week 3's art challenge.
This week it was to make a tote bag to carry around your "journal"(I call it a sketchbook. The word journal makes me think of how melodramatic and self-indulgent I used to be when I was 13...and that makes me gag)

Aaaaanyway--i love shopping for fabric. It's like shopping for paint with the added bonus of patterns & texture (wheeee!!) Ahem. So, yes. My sewing skills are passable--I've made a few quilts, aprons, skirts...a dress once long ago...I figured I could handle a few straight lines. These are my fabric choices for the front. Pattern=yum! And I love swirlies.
Here is my machine. She was a gift from my mother-in-law the first Christmas after the mister & I were married. She's probably used it as much as I have. (She sewed all the curtains for our last house) Sadly, this is ALSO the machine that got dropped off the moving truck...which leads us to:

The clusterf**k that happens inside the bobbin casing every time I do more than 2 stitches.

This was my BEST result after 3 tries. As I am already mid-week, I am thinking about getting out the fusible interfacing & altering a bag I already own. I just have to brave the fist-sized spiders in the storage area to get to the bin that holds all my out-of-rotation bags.
And the machine? She will be headed to the repair shop. (Say a little prayer, won't you?)

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Amber said...

That looks like tension, which should be fixable with just a check-up! They can run around $80 for a checkup.

If you want, I can send you links for DIY sewing maching maintenance!

The color choices for that quilt block are awesome!!! :)