Saturday, August 14, 2010

Week 4

This week has been a bit wonky, between the as-yet-unrepaired sewing machine and Fiona's refusal to sleep through the night (yay 3 year olds!) But I have gotten as far as I can on this week's project, which is a "vision statement banner". I have to say the author really thought this one out because you attach your goals with velcro so you can swap them as they change. In addition to the required goals & mission statement, there's a few other bits on there that are just about me. The bird for one. That's a stamp I carved & printed on silk fusion fabric (fabric that I made with my mom). The map: I love maps. They represent adventure and freedom and a way home to me. The puzzle piece and the rune and the fabric leaves are things that I have collected over the years that feel at home here.

This is a color combination that I am enjoying. I am pretty sure that I'll encorporate these fibers in to the banner once I get past the sewing stage. That pink yarn was handspun and dyed by my mom AGES ago.
And as for the rest of my days, I have been enjoying doodling, drawing for work and painting with the kidlets. But that's all for another time. I have this other blog that I have to go update.
Oh. Also, I turned 30 this week. There was no hoopla. (which is mildly disapointing. I enjoy a bit of hoopla every now & again)

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