Wednesday, August 01, 2012

For later...

Yesterday, the kids and I met up with some friends at Lake Katherine--a nature center and botanic gardens. It's one of my favorite places to go for inspiration, and a good place to let the kids get out and see what they can see. The hiking trail is a giant circle, so there's no worry about them running ahead and getting lost. 
I'll take my camera and have different ideas of what I'm looking for: contrast, shapes, color, birds, bugs, trees, water...
Yesterday, I just photographed what I found interesting. Later I'll sketch some of these in my sketchbook, and turn them into works on their own. 

A heart-shaped leaf caught in a spiderweb

Goldfinch dining on coneflower seeds

Monarch butterfly on a butterfly bush

Fat, fluffy sunflower

Ornamental cabbage



Birch trees

Rocks at the edge of the lake

Super friendly duck

Frog! (Look closely, he's camouflaged!)

Waterfall, stream, trees

Having your camera* allows you to quickly grab visual references--this is especially important when you are travelling with people who won't wait for you to sit down and sketch things out.

Take your camera and take a walk!

* For the record, I shot all of these with a Canon Powershot A540. It has 6 mega pixels. I got it second hand. You don't need a giant monster digital SLR with 12 megapixels to get decent images. However, if you HAVE  a giant monster digital SLR, I envy you.

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