Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photography lessons!

Last week I took an online product photography class on (You've never heard of Craftsy? Check it out! I'll wait!) 
I spend a whole bunch of time MAKING art, but when it comes to photographing it....well, that's the task I apply the power of procrastination to. I just felt like my photos were blah. And photographing them was blah. The whole process was a landscape of blah, wrapped in a scarf of blah, served with a side of blah soup. And I'd much rather read some blogs, or search Pinterest, or do the dishes....

The class was called Shoot It! with Caro Sheridan. I totally recommend it. It help me to take my photos from 



And from this


Way more interesting, in focus, and wow.

I still feel like I'll need model shots to give the brooches a sense of scale, but I'm much happier with the colorful photos than with the white box ones. 

What are your thoughts on the before and afters?


Amber said...

Wonderful! Those look awesome! :) I can see the difference, and it makes your work look more polished.

melissagula said...

The "after" shots are WAY more visually pleasing! Nice job on pushing yourself!

kara d said...

Thanks! I knew that my pictures needed something, but I wasn't sure what that something was.