Thursday, May 07, 2009


I'm just asking, are you in a state of general preparedness? I find that being in such a state alleviates much of the daily panic that can result from a lack of organization.

That being said, I own 3 tape measures & cannot find a single one. I could take to using my mother-in-laws method of measuring (walking hands) or guesstimate, or use an 18"ruler and do some math. Instead, I will place project: measure upstairs bedrooms on a back burner for the distant & illustrious day when the tape measures return.

I can, however, crack open some white & and burnt umber acrylic paint and paint some bones*. Which I am off to do.


*boy, that sounds macabre & slightly illegal. I mean (of course) paint pictures OF bones, not paint ON bones that are questionably lodged about my house. Because there are none of those, unless the dog has a stash of which I am unawares....

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