Saturday, May 02, 2009

Word of the day


I have finished 3 series of pendant jewelry for etsy. I have figured out what to do for the dia de muerte challenge (deadline in 9 days) and I feel I have a substantial body of work with which to gain entry into a show/sale (deadline in 19 days). I have also figured out what course I am qualified to teach at the local art center: printmaking!

I have been doing lino prints for 14 years now. Granted, I often by-pass the actual linoleum for an easier-to-carve medium, but the principle is the same. And from reading the offered courses, I get the impression that the desired result of the class is to come away with a finished product. (Unlike art school, where the result is to push your skill set forward & gain knowledge in a medium) I was leafing through the offerings hoping for a silk screening class. (No such luck) That was when I noticed that there aren't any printmaking classes AT ALL. Which is a shame, because it's a handy skill to have. So I thought I'd toss my hat in the ring & see what happens. First I figure I should wrangle together a portfolio of works.

And in other news: Spring has arrived! We are a few measly weeks away from the last frost date! I am going to try to set up a studio in the garage so I can work (sort of) outdoors. Also I have about 20 packets of seeds that need planting.
But who cares?! The weather is warm & the birds are singing!

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