Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Crafty ain't all bad...

Usually I reserve the right to look down my nose at people who are crafters.
I don't know why--must be residual art school influence. Because, to be quite honest, I enjoy making stuff with my hands--from food to paintings to blankets. I get a great deal of satisfaction from the "I made that" when people ask where stuff came from. I also get a little warmth when I can say "my friend so-and-so made that".
To that end, today was "teacher appreciation day" at little man's school. The PTA sent home letters suggesting each child bring a single stem for their teachers and the PTA would have buckets of water for them (in my head, this translates to buckets of dandelions). I would love to send a flower from our garden, but our daffodils & hyacinths have gone kaput, and the alliums have yet to open. I thought about tissue paper flowers, but we had already done that this year. So instead, I made flower pins out of felt. And yes, I just happened to have a stack of felt in assorted colors. And some spare buttons. And some giant (2 inch) saftey pins for the back. I guess in addition to being an artist (note the beret & glass of wine) I am a closet crafter (pay no mind to the giant rag bag of fabric)

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