Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Artful Wednesday: When Good Crafts Go Bad!

Hey guys! Have you ever had a craft idea that you really wanted to share with your kids? Something that you thought was going to be THE CUTEST THING EVER? I had one of those ideas. I like to make Thankful Trees in the fall.(The idea is that you start with a tree trunk and then  write what you're thankful for on leaves and stick them onto the trunk) Last year we made one out of a paper grocery bag and used craft foam for leaves. It was a hit! It was also nearly as tall as me, and taped to the wall. We have since repainted, and I really don't want to worry about tape on walls. 


We'll trace the kids' hands, and OMG the cuteness will be off the charts. And since I am cheap frugal, I used  a cereal box for the cardboard. It helped that the box was already empty, but I have been known to move foodstuffs to alternate containers so I could use the original packaging. 

Cooperative children (ha ha ha)

Unfold your cereal box as best you can.

Have your whippersnapper trace his/her hands. Left first, and then right. Or visa versa. (It was at this point that the Fiona told me "no thanks! I don't want to do whatever that is")

Then have your whippersnapper cut out their cardboard hands. (Listen to them complain about the work involved in cutting until you break down and hand them kitchen shears, with the warning: don't cut your fingers off)

Cut a slit from the bottom to the middle of the palm in one hand, and a slit from the middle finger to 2 inches (or so) below the wrist.

Slide the two together at a 90-degree angle. Note the finger-removing kitchen shears!

Boy with tree! 
And then when I suggested that we make leaves to add to our tree, he responded with "Can I go play Legos instead?"

His tree looked lonely, so I made one too...
And every time a gust of wind comes through the screen door, they both topple over. So clearly they need some extra stability at the bottom. But my mom is coming to town, so I have just been picking them up every time I walk by.

Ultimately, the one I drew on our chalkboard was the winner....

Take a gander at the additional leaves and "decorations" added by Fiona. I guess that drawing on the wall seems way more fun than tracing and cutting.

Our thankful list includes: friends, family, cats, and video games.
What's on your Thankful Tree?

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