Friday, September 14, 2012

Photo Friday!

I don't know about where you live, but around here in Chicagoland it is FINALLY starting to feel like fall. I've had the windows open and have been scheming an apple-pie inspired weekend breakfast.

This week has been busy! My mom is in town (yay!), we went to Ikea (yay!). Fiona helped me make a large (four-foot) sign to hang in the front yard that reads "Don't Be Afraid To Let Your Talent Shine". There was glitter involved. It was out for two days, and then it rained. 

I've got my fall-inspired decor slowly making it's way through the house. My Dad is coming to town for the weekend (yay!), so I expect the weekend to be full of good stuff. I'm trying to make a point to use my camera a little bit every day, in the hopes that it will become second-nature and then I can really justify the purchase of a newer, faster, more-mega pixeley camera.

What's on the agenda for your weekend?


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kara d said...

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