Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Hello, lovelies! 
It's time for another Artful Wednesday. This time I wanted to share with you my newest fascination: OWLS! (I know, they've been around for a while, but I wasn't completely enamored of them until I saw the below photo on Pinterest)

I know, right?! They come from this blog, which is in Hungarian. And there are a great many words that Google translate has no idea how to process, but you can get the gist from reading the whole sentence. She got the owls from a web store which I cannot for the life of me find. So then I thought, "what if I make my own tiny owls?". 

But first I had to find some good pictures of owls. Guys, did you know that there is a World Owl Trust? It's true! It was from that site that I did a few sketches in my sketchbook.

This led to the owl pillow tutorial last week. And some other things which will eventually make their way here. 
Hope your week is shaping up nicely!

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