Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crazy is as crazy does

I decided to sign up for a crafts fair at one of the local metaphysical shops a few weeks ago. The fair is September 29 & 30. I then came home and looked at what I already had in the studio...and decided that I needed lots more of everything. I also forgot that I was supposed to be re-opening my etsy shop on THIS SATURDAY, so hey! I have had my head in my own creative tornado for two weeks now. I am hoping that  once I get the shop open and get through the craft fair, I will calm down (haha!) and be able to focus on creating for the winter holidays. I have some pretty spiffy ideas that I'm looking forward to sharing with y'all. In the meantime, I'll be that lady at the grocery store covered in paint and clay and scraps of fabric. 

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