Monday, September 10, 2012

Let your talent SHINE!

Everybody has something that they are really really good at. Whether it's complex mathematics or baking the best apple pie. But it seems all too often we're afraid to mention it, because it seems like bragging. Here's a secret folks: if it's true (really, completely, honestly TRUE), then it's not bragging. 

I have a friend who makes THE MOST AMAZING cupcakes with crazy flavors I could never in a million years come up with (coffee with Bailey's butter cream frosting!!!!!!). I have dubbed her The Cupcake Queen (She's in my phone as Angela, Queen of Cupcakes); but she is really shy about telling people how awesome she is. 

I have another friend who is THE MOST AMAZING gardener, but all of her garden is hidden in her backyard so NO ONE ever knows that she has the greenest thumbs on the block. 

I offer you a challenge! Tell one person this week what you are really good at doing/making. Bonus points if it's someone who knows very little about you (co-workers, other carpool parents, the guy who serves you coffee). On Friday, I'll reveal HOW I told my neighborhood that I AM AN ARTIST. And ART is where I excel. 

Have a super week and don't be shy! You can tell ME what you're good at in the comments.


Suzzanne said...

microvascular surgery

kara d said...

Wow Suzzanne! That's an amazing talent to have. I'm sure there are hundreds of people who are grateful for it!